How to Build a Simple Treehouse Step by Step

How To Build A Simple Treehouse Step By Step

How to Build a Simple Treehouse Step by Step – A tree can be a magical hideaway, castle, or play goal for almost every child, as well as a fun project for adults. Build a tree house requires careful planning and construction, but your hard work will pay off. If you give your dream tree house care and attention it deserves, then you can build a wooden shelter that you can enjoy for years.


Select the right tree. The health of the tree you choose is really important to build the foundation for your tree house. If the tree is too old or too young, you will not have the support you need for your treehouse and you will put yourself and other people who get into the tree house in great danger. Your tree should be sturdy, healthy, mature, and live. Ideal for a treehouse trees including oak, maple, pine, and apples. It is a good idea to have your arborist inspect the tree before you start building.

How To Make A Simple Tree House Minecraft

Check with your local planning department. Take the time to learn about the local rules or regulations that may be relevant to your tree house projects, such as height restrictions. You may even need a permit to build. If you have protected the trees on your property, there may be restrictions on building on it.

Talking with your neighbors. As a courtesy, it’s a good idea to talk to your neighbors and let them know your plans. If your tree will be visible from neighboring property or neglect, they will be glad you took their opinion into account. These simple steps can prevent future complaints and even potential lawsuits. Although your neighbors would most likely adhere to, this will help make them more amenable to your project.

How To Build A Simple Treehouse In Minecraft

Talk with your insurance agent. Make a quick call to your insurance agent to make sure that a tree house covered in your homeowner’s policy. If not, then any potential damage caused by the tree house is not covered by your insurance.

Planning Details

Select your tree. If you are building a tree house in your backyard, then you may just have so many trees to choose from. Once you choose a healthy tree, you can start thinking about home design that can be on it; or you can take the opposite route and design thinking first, and then make sure that you have a fitting tree.

Choose your treehouse design. It’s important to have a strong idea of ​​the design of the tree house of your dreams before you hammer in the first nail. You can find an online home design tree, or if you have knowledge of the building, you can create your own. You need to make accurate measurements to ensure that your design work with the tree you have chosen.

Determine your support methods. There are several ways to support your tree house. Whatever method you choose, it is important to remember that a tree moving with the wind. Sliding beams or brackets is important to make sure the tree and the tree is not damaged by the wind.

Specify your access methods. Before you build your tree house, you have to decide on the method of access, such as stairs, which easily allows one to enter the tree house. Your method must be safe and sturdy, so this rules out stairs traditional tree house, which consists of board nailed to the trunk.

Figuring out what you will do with the branches that interfere with your tree house. How are you going to build a branch in the whole shit? Do you cut them, or put them in a tree house plans? If you decide to merge the branch to the tree house, would you build around them or frame them in the window? Ask yourself these questions before you start building. That way, your tree house will reflect the care and preparation of builder when finished.

Constructing Platform

Keeping safety in mind. Before you start building your tree house, you have to remember to keep safety in mind. Falling is one of the greatest dangers of a tree house. There are some precautions you can take to ensure that everyone who is building a tree house stay safe.

Find a sturdy tree where two separate branches into a “V” shape. You will use this tree be to rig your treehouse. “V” shape will add additional strength and support, providing an anchor point in four places, not just in two.

Pre-drill the tree at four different locations, on each side of the “V”. Drill 3/8 “to each branch of the” V, “to make sure that hole all levels. If they are not aligned with each other, can be tilted and the support structure is compromised.

Measure the distance between the holes on each side of the “V”. Depending on the tree, the hole can be spaced far apart or shorter.

Reduce the size of 10 ‘, dividing the rest, and marks the distance from one end of the 2×10. Make a mark at the other end using the original measurement between the two holes in trees. This will ensure that 2x10s be perfectly centered and bear the same weight when you lift them up to the “V”.

Create 4 “slot on each mark on both 2x10s. This is so that the trees can sway in the wind and move without damaging the structural integrity of the tree house. Do this by drilling two 5/8″ holes, each 2 “both sides sign you. Then use the jigsaw to cut the hole, creating a “Slot 4, with the sign you really centered.

Mount two main supports to the tree at the appropriate height. Choose two sturdy pieces of 2×10 (2×12 would do, too) and put them flush against your tree. Pushing four 6 “or 8” long, 5/8 “diameter galvanized lag screws into four 4” slots of 2×10 using a wrench. Washing place between the screw and the wooden board. Repeat with the other board on the opposite side of the stem, making sure the two boards are in the same height and flush with one another.

Placing four 2x6s, evenly spaced, perpendicularly across the main support. Instead of placing them flat on the main support, putting them on their side so that they keep two feet into the air. Secure them with 3 “deck screws.

Attaching two 2x6s to 2x6s nailed into place on top. Lay each 2×6 flush at the four ends of 2x6s and nail them into place. You now have a square platform attached to the main support. Check your 2x6s centered and square.

Attach a platform to the main support rafter ties. Use 8 galvanized rafter ties to attach all four 2x6s perpendicular to the main support.

Attach the middle of the platform to the platform with joist hangers. Use 8 galvanized joist hangers to attach to the tip perpendicular to the 2x6s 2x6s borders.

Clamp platform with 2x4s. As it stands now, the platform is still a little shaky. In order to create a more robust platform, you must add at least two of braces. It will be attached to the bottom of the tree and then again on both sides of the platform.

Railing & Deck Installation

Finding out where you will need to cut to fit around trees through your floor boards. Making measurements where trees coming through the floor and cut around the stem with jigsaw, leaving 1 “to 2” around.

Screw in the two screws at each end of the board with at least 4 “deck screws. After you have cut the deck boards to accommodate your tree trunk, it’s time to screw them into place. Use the ladder to hoist themselves onto the platform and start screwing down with a drill. Leave a little 1/4 “or 1/2” spacing between each floor of the car.

Make an entrance from the main support that traveled past the platform. Add covers and vertical to the platform to create a rectangle. Now the previous section that juts awkwardly out of the platform has been turned into a handy-dandy entrance.

Use two 2x4s at each corner to start making the uprights for the fence. Nail two 2×4 (they must be at least 4 feet tall) together, and they screw them to the platform at every corner.

Attach the handrails to the uprights. Use 2x4s too, and if you want, partners handrails edge. Then, nail them to the uprights. Next, screw handrails to each other through their corner hoop.

Attach siding down the platform and the bottom of the handrails. Nail any available woods – boards or plywood works well – flush to the bottom of the platform. Then nail them into the fence at the top so that they form an effective hedge.


Build yourself stairs and lifting platform. There are a number of ways you can do this. Have fun with this part of the project.

Add a simple roof for your tree house. The roof is made of tarpaulin simple, although you can also get more complicated in designing and building your roof. Drive one hook to both rods about 8 feet (2.4 m) above the bottom of the platform. Bungee chord string between the two hooks and slip overhead tarp.

Paint or stain the wood. If you want to weatherproof your tree house, or simply provide a more attractive appearance, it is time to stain or paint it. Consider stain or paint that will work in combination with your home.

That’s it how to build a simple treehouse step by step adapted from wikihow, enjoy!

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