Ikea Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers Reviews

Hemnes Daybed Frame With 3 Drawers White Twin

Ikea Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers Reviews. I regret this purchase. Got a few months ago and it keeps breaking. The board is not even close to strong enough. Very disappointed in this regard. Not worth the money. Just love this bed! Great as a comfortable sofa and a single but found the mattress hangs over the edge of the bed – it was a good 2inches wider. Trying to get IKEA but did not succeed so far as to query the mattress. Unfortunately no chemical smell of the mattress that lingers for months despite having Fabrese sprayed more regularly. We bought this for our 14 year old daughter who has a small bedroom. We love the storage and the fact that it can be pulled out to make a large bed for friends when sleeping more. The bed is very nice looking, but we have carpets and trundle almost impossible to pull out. It is so hard that I was afraid to do it very often because I do not want to loosen the joints. We do not know how to modify it so that it more user friendly! We bought one of these beds for my daughter because her room is rather small. With 3 drawers large, we do not need to put a drawer in the room, which is supposed to be crowded. Plus, there is enough room in there to open the bed every time we had a friend or two more sleep.

Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers White Reviews

We have two mattresses that we bought from Ikea. When the daybed, futon pile one on th e other, and a single, standard twin sheet fits over both of them perfectly. When pulled out, we put mattresses side by side, in the same direction with a daybed. We use two standard twin sheets to cover them because of the length-wise they are perfect, but they are a little loose in a single wide bed, which is thinner than usual matresses, so we just slipped under the baggy part and has never been a problem so far. My daughter loved the bed and it was very comfortable for sleeping. In fact, I have four daughters. At some point, the younger two decide to room together. We put them in the secondary bedroom is slightly larger, get rid of the long cabinets, and buy one of these beds. Because they sit on the wall, we were able to put the bed in two successive walls, with enough distance between them so that both can be pulled out at the same time. It is fantastic! We had sleepovers with children 5-6 and everyone felt comfortable. Multi function of the bed is amazing.

Hemnes Daybed Frame With 3 Drawers White Reviews

In fact, one of my parents had just moved in with us and take my oldest daughter to sleep, which is located next to the bathroom. He had been sharing a room with two younger siblings for several weeks, but the front bedroom was empty, so we planned to buy 3 one of these to put back that small room for him. I have not encoutered downside whatsoever, except that the bed tilted to the side, a man locked up next to the wall. Children sleep in either direction open during sleep. I never got a complaint from them about the ridge, but I’ve never tried as a full-sized adult. When I first assembled need 8 hours of sleep! I have purchased and assembled many items ikea and this one took forever, not only that, but when you pull out the drawer to make a queen bed becomes very thin! When only a twin bed works as a bed alone, even for a little tight but it can work. When you make a bigger bed thats when the problems started, because too much weight is placed on the metal frame of the bed part was bent. I actually had a night when I ended up on the floor because of this. I would not recommend this bed, very beautiful and cost efficient enough but in the long run compeltely not feasible.

Hemnes Daybed Frame with 3 Drawers Assembly Instructions

The intelligent engineering. I get a king size beds and still have plenty of storage space below! The HEMNES daybed perfect for my daughter. It was super comfortable and looks beautiful in her room. When he opened it pains me and I slept with him. Turned out to be a bed bigger than king size and very comfortable. We bought 2 twin foam mattress from IKEA. Bed suitable for tightley gether so that I do not have the problems described by another reviewer, we did not feel that the ridge gap altogether because they are close. We bought this to use in the guest room / study. As a sofa and sometimes used a single bed was fine. Three drawers are useful for storing bed. It requires a lot of big pillows to make it comfortable as a sofa because the hard side and back but when the tender was spacious and comfortable. It does not work well when set up as a double bed because it is not a standard size. This is done esn’t take double or queen mattress. It is designed to have two single mattresses laid on the bed. This is not convenient because of the point where the two mattresses joined and this creates a ridge just below your hips. We tried to put two mattresses placed on the head to the foot of the bed but they are too long and stuck and out at the end of the bed. There is also a large gap between them.

Daybed Frame With 3 Drawers

If you are lucky enough to have a large nursery, adding a daybed to serve as an additional place to sleep. This will be useful when breastfeeding or if your baby is sick. It can also be a great surface for folding clothes or seats for children so that they can sit down and do not feel excluded but still out of the way. IKEA which is not very helpful when we were trying to get a mattress to fit, the floor staff they did not know that the mattress was designed to take when extended. Bedding is also a problem because the fitted sheet can not be used. We bought it because we thought it would be flexible but not ideal guest bed and now I wish we had bought a good quality sofa bed instead. Functionality and flexibility are high on the agenda where space is at a premium. That’s why I designed HEMNES day-bed to fulfill four functions. A single bed, double bed, sofa and storage drawers solve four of the key requirements in every home. Simple lines make it at home in almost any setting. I’ve heard people say this is a versatile item of furniture – with room for all the family in a double bed and a cat in the pull-out drawer! Which makes designers like me feel that I have achieved my goal.

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